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  • Feline Infectious Peritonitis


    Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP is a pyogranulomatous vasculitis. This review article provides practical, current information about pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of FIP and will therefore be very useful for every small animal practitioner.

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  • anorexia in cats

    Anorexia in cats


    In practice, anorexia in cats, possibly as a result of the abovementioned conditions, turns out to be a tricky problem deserving our attention, which is why VetVisuals® provides an overview of the practical recommendations regarding the treatment of anorexia and common mistakes associated with force-feeding

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  • Critical care nutrition

    The essentials of critical care nutrition


    This article will offer more insight on the use of enteral nutrition in ill cats with lots of very practical tips and tricks.

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  • ringworm cats dogs

    Ringworm in cats and dogs


    In this article you will receive a refresher on the infectious agent, it’s pathogenesis, diagnosis and treatment options. We will also discuss the environmental and animal management requirements to prevent reinfection and transmission of infection.

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