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Quaerite et invenietis

Quaerite et invenietis

by VetVisuals International -
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Quaerite et invenietis!   Search and you will find!


We are very happy to let you know that a great membership-benefit is waiting for you. Searching ALL the content of the VetVisuals Learning Management System was far from perfection.

The new VetVisuals-search engine lets you search everywhere on the VetVisuals Learning Management System that you have access to. You can search our veterinary libraries, skills labs, protocols, videos and courses for particular notes. Your search is also extended to forums!

It was never so easy to find that right piece of content. Have a try yourself. You will find 'global search' ( ofwel 'Zoek op trefwoord' in Dutch) right here on your dashboard.

You can simply click the search button to search everywhere, or expand the filter to search in specific areas. You will then see results displayed from all areas of VetVisuals  you have access to.

You can also start your search HERE! Have a try!!