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Increasing demand for online learning

Worldwide there is an increasing demand for online learning and access to veterinary knowledge for companion animal veterinarians. For almost 25 years VetVisuals® International provides vets in The Netherlands and Belgium by membership with new and essential veterinary information in the form of congress reports, courses, and articles. In 2014 VetVisuals has invested in a unique learning management system (LMS) which is fully available for her members (companion animal practitioners) wherever they are. VetVisuals® offers exclusive online access to our extensive library including in-house produced videos, protocols, skills labs and all sorts of quizzes and assessments.


Learning activities will be kept for life in your personal logbook

The uniqueness of the learning management system (LMS) which VetVisuals® uses for the provision of veterinary knowledge and education is that each member has his / her personal account. All learning activities are automatically registered and course badges are automatically added to the member’s profile. In this way, learning activities will be kept for life in a personal logbook.


Built on the principles of ‘evidence based veterinary medicine'

VetVisuals® produces – in cooperation with board certified veterinary specialists – evidence based, high quality content that is essential for every companion animal veterinarian. The constant flow of publications like international congress reports and other papers produced by VetVisuals® authors and tutors, ensure that all topics are up-to-date and informative.The valuable input of VetVisuals® Scientific Advisory Board and the VetVisuals® International Education & Editorial Board makes VetVisuals® a reliable and trustworthy reference for every practitioner working at a companion animal practice wherever they are!


Independent and guaranteed objective

VetVisuals® is not financially dependent on sponsors or advertisers. Therefore, the information is guaranteed objective and members will never be confronted with any annoying banners or other commercial messages. Even more important is that VetVisuals®, as a result of its financial independence, can take a unique objective position with respect to all the other CPD sponsored by the industry!