About the Society of Comparative Hepatology

Mission statement

The SCH stimulates and supports veterinary professionals in improving the understanding of liver diseases in dogs and cats with the aim to prevent, diagnose and treat liver diseases in dogs and cats to the highest possible level.


  • To actively organize and stimulate exchange between leading experts in the field of hepatology.
  • To set up and maintain International standards for nomenclature, diagnostic criteria, treatment and prevention of liver diseases in companion animals.
  • To actively stimulate evidence based veterinary hepatology by contribution to the organisation of multicentre randomized clinical trials.
  • To promote translational hepatology by identifying diseases of comparative interest to veterinary, medical and biomedical research and to stimulate collaborations.
  • To encourage adequate training in veterinary and comparative hepatology. Disseminating information at scientific meetings, seminars and courses.
  • Providing an affiliation with the European and American Colleges for Veterinary Internal Medicine, Veterinary Pathology, and Veterinary Clinical Pathology for the purpose of exchanging information and organizing meetings dedicated to veterinary and Comparative hepatology.
  • To organize a scientific hepatology program at the annual congress of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine.




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The Netherlands

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Society of Comparative Hepatology

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