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Dyspnoeic patients often present a diagnostic challenge. This video, presented by Dr Edoardo Auriemma DVM DECVDI, illustrates the steps to follow when investigating a thoracic radiograph using a systematic approach. Start video lecture Radiographic signs of lung disease.

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Wound infections are common, potentially serious and often expensive complications of surgery. Around 3-5% of all companion animals undergoing an operation will develop post-operative wound (or surgical site) infections in spite of extensive measures limiting bacterial contamination during surgery and the widespread use of antibiotics. The impact of these infections may vary from minor and rapidly overcome by the animal’s immune system, to life threatening with disastrous consequences.

An understanding of all of the factors that play a role in the origin of wound infection is essential, particularly since the number of (surgical) procedures under anaesthesia in patients with a high risk of postoperative infections continues to increase. The issue of antibiotic-resistant microorganisms has also become a serious problem in veterinary medicine, as these drugs can no longer be relied upon as a solution for every surgical infection. In this regard, strict adherence to aseptic techniques to minimise wound contamination and prevent infection are still the mainstays of successful surgery. Chapter 2 of the Cutting Edge will cover the principles of asepsis as well as disinfection and sterilisation

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Our chapter FELINE MEDICINE is dedicated to feline patients. You will find the latest CPD video updates and veterinary articles on issues including diabetes, bladder infections, chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, obesity, CKD, periodontal/dental disease, intestinal upset diarrhoea, ear infections, allergies, lymphoma, cancer, infectious disease and much more.

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