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VetVisuals ® International is a veterinary global provider of learning technologies, veterinary content production and interactive CPD education and online veterinary courses [e-learning] delivered via our Moodle Learning Management System.

  • Our clinical references offer in-depth coverage of common veterinary clinical problems, and are presented by leading international veterinary specialists who are recognised by the profession as experts in their field.
  • We also publish articles and interesting case studies, built on the principles of 'evidence based theory', covering the latest developments in research, diagnoses and therapies, all with a practical touch and written for general practitioners.
  • We also produce bespoke online educational courses and training packages [under graduates and post-academic] for third parties like corporates and universities.

Vetvisuals online course When to perform hematology: in case of anemia, spontaneous bleeding, suspicion of infectious disease in dogs and cats


Veterinary CPD Online


 Veterinary clinical practice and CPD online